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Property Repair Systems Epoxy Resins Information Website and Resins Shop provide fast response telephone and E Mail Epoxy Resin information and free Method Statements for common building tasks, plus a low cost Next Day Delivery service throughout the UK Mainland.

Property Repair Systems is a UK Partnership and our unique purpose is to give you the very best resins application advice and then, if appropriate, to offer you one of our products for the repair of your building. Our Resins Shop is available on-line, or you can order by telephone. If we cannot offer the correct resin for your job we can often tell you who can and we will happily do so.

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Call us for help with your job, including methods and quantity calculations - 01626 331351

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  • Anchor Resins - epoxy paste for bonding bars, studs and bolts
  • Anchoring using Resins - an Article describing the methods of anchoring threaded and smooth bars
  • Bars - steel, stainless steel and epoxy/glass

EPOXY BY JOB TYPE INDEX - problems that we can help you solve using epoxies

Concrete Floors
Concrete Walls
Wall Render

Brick Walls

Stone Walls


Machine Mounting

Brake Testing Machine Rollers and Road Plates

Garden Pools and Ponds

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