Eco Paint Stripper

Water based safe paint and varnish stripper

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Eco green paint stripping - how to remove paint and varnish safely, with minimal odour.

1. Use our degreaser to remove all surface contamination

2. Warm in winter - using a dry source of heat (not bottled gas) - this speeds up the process

3. Apply Eco Paint Stripper with a brush at approximately 1mm thick (equates to 1 litre per square metre)

4. Cover with Clingfilm - essential to keep the product moist at all times

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Brushing  Eco Paint Stripper onto  a brake roller to remove the old grit and coating

Brushing Eco Paint Stripper onto a metal roller

Typical Stripping Times

Paint and Varnish - 30 to 60 minutes

Two pack paint coatings - 60 to 90 minutes

Two pack lacquers - 90 minutes to 4 hours

Artex - 90 minutes

Multiple thick layers of paint - 6 to 12 hours

How much Eco Paint Stripper do I need?

Paint and Varnish - one to two coats - allow 4 square metres per litre

Two pack paint coatings - one to two coats - allow 3 square metres per litre

Two pack lacquers - one or two coats - allow 3 square metres per litre

Artex - 90 minutes - allow 2 square metres per litre

Multiple thick layers of paint - allow 1 square metre per litre

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Eco Paint Stripper tips

1. Keep everything warm - the Paint Stripper itself and the painted surfaces - up to 25C

2. Use dry heat, not bottled gas, for space heating

3. Always cover using Clingfilm - the product will not work if dried out

4. Do not brush out thinly, apply a generous coat

5. Scrape off when raised and detached with a sharp metal scraper

6. Wipe thoroughly with cold water to remove all residues

6. Finish using a stainless steel scourer


  • If working outdoors, try to do this job in the Summer months or on a sunny day out of the wind.

  • In cold weather you must keep the product and the surfaces above 10 degrees C. Below 10 degrees the stripping action will slow and lifting of the coating will be delayed.

  • In Winter adjust the Stripper temperature by placing the pots in warm water.

  • Always carry out a trial on a test area before stripping a precious surface or object.


  1. Paint does not come off cleanly - stripper has dried out, not enough applied. Reapply and cover with Clingfilm.

  2. Only the surface coat comes off - too little applied, or the coating was not left for long enough. Reapply and cover with Clingfilm, leave for 12 hours.

  3. No apparent effect at all - too cold, no Clingfilm, not left long enough. Reapply and cover with Clingfilm, leave for 24 hours.

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