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Epoxy Repair of Timbers


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References for Epoxy repairs to structural wood in buildings


Current DETR Projects - PIF 156 and PIF 158

‘Restoration of European Timber Structures Using Fibre Composites and Adhesive Systems’

C. Mettem, CRAFT Application.

‘Adhesive Systems for Timber Structures - Performance Classification and Code User Selection Guidance’ Oxford Brooks University, DETR Funded

‘Resin-bonded Repair Systems for Structural Timber’, 1995

‘Resin Repairs to Timber Structures: Guidance and Selection’ by C. J. Mettem and M. Milner

'Volume 2 - Design Examples to Eurocode 5' - R1-R3 2000


‘Timber Repair’ - Journal 75, No.19, 7th October 1997, pA16

‘Replacement of Decayed Beam Ends with Epoxy Bonded Timber Composite’ - Journal 78, No.15, 1st August 2000.

Heritage and Conservation repair Sites - a few examples

The Vimto Bottle - outside the Vimto Factory

The Darlington Hotel, Wadebridge

The Bell Inn, Brixham

White Horse House, Binton, Stratford on Avon

Stretton Sugwas Church - Worcester

Sherbourne School - Sherbourne, Dorset

Christow Church - Christow, Exeter, Devon

Millbridge Cottages - Gloucester (Department of Transport)

Reykjavik Cathedral - Iceland

Dartmouth Castle - Dartmouth, Devon (English Heritage)

Historic Scotland -

  1. Taymouth Castle
  2. Glasgow University
  3. Grennock Town Hall
  4. St Giles Cathedral (Borons)
  5. National Trust HQ (Borons)

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Ring Beam Repairs - Christow Church

Christow Church, Devon


Hardwick Hall, Concrete Beam Repair, Terry Girdler

Leeds Castle, many years of works

Mulcheney Abbey, Wiltshire

Hampton Court, stairways and beams

Windsor Castle, in the 1980’s

Tower of London, in 1976

CADW - (Welsh Equivalent to English Heritage)

Plas Mawr, with Linford Bridgeman

Monmouth Castle

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