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Epoxy Resins are petrochemical byproducts. They first became commercially applied in the Aerospace industry in the early 1950's and have rapidly infiltrated almost every industrial sector.

The development of the family of epoxies now available is part of the the story of the rapid rise of electronics: epoxies have proved themselves because of their adhesion, impermeability to water and their durability. There are unlimited applications in the 'potting' of electronics, to prevent moisture ingress and the durability of many electronic machines depends on epoxy resin not only to keep water out, but to also protect against vibration and impact.

More recently, the Timber Research and Development Association (TRADA) has been extensively involved in research into timber related applications, including the development of EUROCODE 5, a European initiative aimed at standardising resin repair practice across the E.C.

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Active Substances: DGEB A/F Epoxy Resins, plus Polyoxyalkyleneamine and inert Silica Sands

Supplied as:

  1. Liquid Primers
  2. Pouring Grouts
  3. Thixotropic Injection Gels
  4. Wood Fillers, Wood Glue
  5. Stone Fillers
  6. Putty
  7. Wood Floor Adhesive

Special features

  • High Bond strength to many materials
  • High strength
  • Moisture resistance
  • Lack of shrinkage
  • Low odour
  • Non Flammable
  • Fast curing

Property Repair Systems - Introduction to our sale of epoxy resin products

We only supply the very best quality epoxy pouring, bonding and injection materials, suitable for bonding timber and masonry in most building situations. Epoxies allow us to save building materials - for example, many timbers are unnecessarily removed from buildings, resulting in expensive, disruptive building works.


Over 50 years of successful use throughout the World. Used in aircraft, missiles, cars, trucks, electronics, electrical components and of course in the home - who hasn't got a half squeezed tube of Araldite stuck to the bottom of their toolbox?


To laminate timbers to create required sizes to match originals. To bond-in connection bars, steel, epoxy/glass or carbon. To fill slots in Timber Resin Splice repair beams. To fill cracks, 'shakes' and splits in all kinds of timber and masonry. To fill defects in joinery, posts, columns and masonry carvings. To prime over contaminated masonry to take render and plaster.


Epoxy remains inert in the timber, providing strength and flexibility for the long term. It even resists fire.

Anchor Bolts and Studs bonded using epoxy

We stock a range of bolts, studding, nuts and washers to complete your anchor project. We also supply Epoxy/glass, Spirotie, Helical Bar and carbon rods for doweling, stitching and crack reinforcement. Call David or David on 01626 872886 for Free

Main Applications for epoxy resins

* Structural connections transferring high loads into slim columns

* Fixing sanitary-ware to hollow masonry

* Holding down bolts for steel columns

* Tying back existing masonry facades to new steel structures

* Dynamic applications: holding down machinery

* Fixing starter-bars for reinforcements

* Wall-tie replacements

Benefits of epoxies

Reliability - accurate mixing systems for guaranteed quality.

Strength - the cured resin is stronger than the main substrate.

Convenience - our systems avoid the problems encountered with traditional 'on-site' mixing.

Resistance - our systems result in high chemical and vibration resistance of the anchor and resin.

Economical - the fast-curing nature of our systems minimises expensive on-site delays.

Versatility - our systems can be used for horizontal, vertical and overhead applications.

Long-life - all the cartridges are re-sealable minimising waste.

Close-edge fixings - our resin systems put minimal stress on the main substrate allowing anchors to be placed in areas where mechanical systems would cause cracking and failure of the main substrate.

Underwater use - our resins provide excellent results in underwater applications.

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