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Drilling Wood, Injecting Resins

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Drilling and cutting wood - for Laminating, Glueing and Bonding


1. Drilling - you need a low speed gearbox in a 1000 watt drilling machine, fitted with reverse and an overheating cut-out

2. Augers - for drilling holes in wood

3. 3D Cutters - for cutting out decay in wood and cleaning out slots for resin.

4. Chisels - all steel, unbreakable, plus extended handle version

4. Skeleton Guns - for use with Cartridges containing resin

5. Cartridges and Nozzles - empty - ready to fill with resin by pouring or using the 'grease pot' method

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Drilling Machine - 110 volt

It is essential, when drilling with an Auger to create holes or slots, that a drilling machine with the following minimum requirements is available;

  1. 1000+ watts
  2. Reversible
  3. Low speed range down to 150 rpm or less
  4. Speed dial to limit trigger maximum
  5. Trigger soft start
  6. Light in weight
  7. Short body
  8. Overheating cut-out

Buy or Hire a suitable machine from us.

Drilling machine in a big slot, part of a timber beam upgrade.

Drilling a big slot with an Auger.

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Augers are available up to 600mm in length in the following diameters;

10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm and 32mm

Drilling large holes in wood

Typical hole drilling up end grain.

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3D Cutters

Standard length - 110mm

Available in the following sizes:

6mm, 8mm, 10mm 13mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and 32mm diameters.

Standard  3D CUtter

Extended 3D Cutters - 250mm

In 25mm and 32mm diameters, extended in length to 250mm, for deep slot and hole clearing.

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All Metal, unbreakable wood chisels, in Standard length (14 inch) and Extended (26 inch).

All Steel Chisels - unbreakable.


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Skeleton Guns for resin cartridges

To fit these types of Cartridge

1. Thixo Rapid - 310cc - fits our professional standard skeleton gun

2. Thixotropic Injection Resin - 400cc - fits our professional standard skeleton gun

3. Thixotropic Injection Resin Slow Set - 400cc - fits our professional standard skeleton gun

4. Thixotropic Injection Resin - 1000cc - requires a special fatter skeleton gun

5. Pure Epoxy - side by side 385cc - requires a 1:1 side by side dual piston skeleton gun

6. Polyester 380P - concentric 380cc - requires a 3:1 concentric dual piston skeleton gun

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1, 2, 3 - Professional 400cc gun. 4 - Professional 1000cc skeleton gun.

5 - Professional Side by side 1:1 Skeleton Gun


6 - Professional Concentric 380P Skeleton Gun


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Cartridges and Nozzles - empty for resins to be loaded using a 'pusher plate' in a pot

1. 400cc - can be loaded by pouring or using the 'grease pot' pusher method (to eliminate air pockets)

2. 1000cc - can be loaded by pouring or using the 'grease pot' pusher method (to eliminate air pockets)

3. Extension Nozzle - 400cc x 10mm diameter

4. Extension Nozzle - 1000cc x 10mm diameter

5. Extension Nozzle - 1000cc x 15mm diameter

Grease pot pusher plate method of filling a cartridge tube

Filling a tube using the grease pot method.


400cc Resin Kit showing pushher plate.

400cc Thixotropic Kit with Pusher Plate.

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