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Floor Laying - how to bond flooring


1. Clean all surfaces - vacuum to remove dust.

2. Apply Ultra Epoxy Adhesive Paste to both surfaces with a plastic spreader - apply a minimum of 1mm thickness to each face

3. Bring together and tap into place. Maintain temperature above 5 degrees C to ensure continuous curing.

Spreading Ultra Flooring Adhesive

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Ultra Epoxy Adhesive Paste - initial set 20 to 30 minutes - 1:1 hand mix or paddle with an electric drill


ULTRA EPOXY ADHESIVE PASTE is a two part, solvent free, high strength epoxy resin adhesive.

Epoxy Adhesive Paste - two pastes for hand or machine mixing

Epoxy Adhesive Paste - Standard Setting type


Bonding flooring to concrete, brick, block, stone and metal.


- bonds to most masonry and metal surfaces

- waterproof

- high bond strength

- flexible

- easy to mix, equal 1:1 mix ratio, mix only what you need.

- coloured 2 parts means correct mixing every time


ULTRA EPOXY ADHESIVE PASTE is supplied in two part packs from 1kg to 15kg, 1 litre to 10 litres. Each pack consists of two separate containers: mix ratio is an easy 1:1. The final colour when set is mid grey.

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Floor repair products for difficult floor laying situations:

1. Floor is cracked - grind out, remove dust, apply Epoxy Primer and fill with Moldable Epoxy Putty.

2. Floor has a hole - grind out, remove dust, pour in Structural Epoxy Pouring Resin, which will self level.

3. Floor is damp - clean, then apply 2 or 3 coats of Epoxy Seal Coat.

4. Floor is dusty - clean, then apply 2 coats of Bondacryl liquid.

5. Floor is uneven - clean, prime with a Bondacryl Slurry, then lay a thin floor screed incorporating Bondacryl, instead of water.

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