Holes in Ponds and Pools

Fill holes and cracks in pools

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Crack Filling in Pools and Ponds - structural repair with Epoxy Primer and Epoxy Moldable Putty

How to fill Cracks and Holes - summary

1. Clean out the crack or hole with a saw blade, jigsaw or chisel to at least 10mm x 10mm in section.

2. Remove all dust by brush or vacuum.

3. Prime with Epoxy Primer using a brush and place Moldable Epoxy Putty or, for bigger holes on the top face, pour in Structural Epoxy Pouring Resin, which is self leveling.

Leaking garden pool. Repair with epoxy.

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Pool Repairs - How to choose a crack repair method and material

Cut out the cracks with a saw, Router, masonry grinder, or Allsaw, to form square edged slots, and remove all dust and debris. Avoid V shaped slots - the repair will be much weaker.

Repair Thickness - the more material that we can put in to the repair, in terms of width and depth, the better it will be able to accommodate natural movements caused by changing temperatures and therefore the better it will last.

Caution - Always consult a Structural Engineer and the building's Insurers before proceeding.

Concrete garden pool - repair with epoxy fillers.

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Fine to medium cracks - hairline to 15mm wide.

Clean out - to at least 10mm x 10mm

Apply Epoxy Primer liquid by brush and whilst tacky lay in the putty-like repair mortar, Moldable Epoxy Putty.

Epoxy Primer - available in 500cc and 1 litre, two pot, liquids.

Moldable Epoxy Putty - available in 500cc and 1 litre, two pot, putties.

Mixing Mouldable Epoxy Putty Mortar by hand

Slot correctly cut out, square shouldered, dust blown out, ready to Prime and Fill. Mixing. Fill cracks and inject Epoxy.

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Larger holes and cracks - over 15mm wide

Cut out to - 20mm plus in width - you can fill holes of any size in a single pour.

Pour or inject Structural Epoxy Pouring Resin.

Structural Pouring Resin - available in 1 litre, 2.5 litre and 7.5 litre packs, containing two liquids and a powder.

Pouring Structural Epoxy Resin - paddle mix with an electric drillJoist end repair - pouring epoxy resin

Shutter Box and dug out timber. Pouring Structural Pouring Resin. Small Joist Repair.

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For cosmetic matching of colour or texture - you can add your own Site dust or chippings to the surface, (or ask for our Mortar Colour

Powder), which you can mix into Moldable Epoxy Putty, used as a surfacing finish.

Apply Epoxy Primer liquid by brush and whilst tacky lay in the putty-like repair mortar, Moldable Epoxy Putty.

Epoxy Primer - available in 500cc and 1 litre, two pot, liquids.

Moldable Epoxy Putty - available in 500cc and 1 litre, two pot, putties..

Mixing Mouldable Epoxy Putty MoratrEpoxy Putty mixed

Mixing Moldable Epoxy Putty in the gloved hand.

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Thixotropic Epoxy Injection Resin - this is available in 400cc packs with cartridge kits, for easy use in a standard skeleton gun.

Thixotropic Epoxy Injection Resin - available in 400cc, two pot, with cartridge kit.

Thixo Rapid Injection Resin - available in 280cc, single tube, fits standard skeleton guns.

Epoxy-Glass Rod - available in 6, 8, 10, 12, 16mm diameters x 1 metre lengths.


Epoxy glass rods are available in a wide range of sizes

Thixotropic Injection Resin, Epoxy-Glass Bars, 400cc Skeleton Gun

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