Wood Hardener and Epoxy Fillers

Harden rotted wood and fill permanently

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Our Epoxy Wood Hardener is called Epoxy Primer Consolidator. This is a thin liquid two pack designed to flow easily into decayed wood, after the rotted fibres have been dug or machined out. Acts as a both a penetrating hardener and a wood primer. Non shrink, provides a strong bond for Epoxy Putty and Timbabuild Filler.

Wood decay needs to be cut out before our ultra effective wood hardener, Epoxy Primer Consolidating liquid is applied, in order to avoid sealing in pockets of rot that might continue to decay in the long term. Once the wood Primer Consolidator has soaked in our surface fine filler, Timbabuild can be applied, for holes less than 20mm deep, or our Moldable Epoxy Putty can be used instead in deeper holes, to reduce costs. After the Wood Hardener and Timbabuild, or Moldable Epoxy Putty, have dried hard the wood can be drilled for the insertion of Boron Paste and Boron Rods, to prevent future decay in the remaining timber. These 10mm holes should be plugged using our plastic DPC Plugs, or wooden dowel, or wood filler. Cutting out of rotted timber can easily be achieved using our 3D Cutters, available in diameters from 6mm to 32mm.

Our wood hardener Primer Consolidator is non-flammable, does not contain any solvents and does not shrink or separate over time.

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Hardening Decayed Wood

Unlike Retail wood hardeners we do not use acrylic, polyester or solvent based resin hardeners because they are not epoxy-based, and although they may make the wood hard they do not restore substantial strength. They can also be chemically unstable due to long-term exposure to moisture in the wood, the cause of decay and every present in external joinery. Epoxies are not affected by this dampness, do not shrink and will not deteriorate inside the wood with age.

Timber Framed House with decay in the frame - ideal for repairing with PRS Ultra Wood Hardener and Mouldable Epoxy PuttyBrush Wood Hardener into the cleaned down surfaces, prior to filling with Epoxy Putty

Wet rot in the base of a frame of a Timber Framed house. After cleaning out the rot apply Epoxy Primer Consolidator.

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Timber repair - how to repair timber window frames and cills and other rotted wood


1. Cut out all the decay - vacuum to remove dust.

2. Apply Epoxy Primer Consolidator with a brush

3. For filling deeper than 15mm use Moldable Epoxy Putty

3. For shallow filling and to finish over the Moldable Epoxy Putty apply Timbabuild to bring the surfaces to level - smooth with a plastic spreader.

Mix Mouldable Epoxy Putty in the wetted gloved handRebuild Resin is available in cartridgesRebuild Resin being mixed with a pallet knife

Mix Moldable Epoxy Putty wearing gloves. Mix Timbabuild on a mixing board with a knife.

You can add our Colour Powder, in small pinches, to the mixed products to change their colour.

Mouldable Epoxy Putty coloured with Red PowderMouldable Epoxy Putty coloured brown using our Colour Powder

Moldable Epoxy Putty coloured red, in the gloved hand, and a brown coloured lump after hardening.

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